Can I assume that everybody on the Internets knows who or what the Nyan Cat is?  Am I the only one who wakes up early in the morning with the Nyan Cat theme song stuck in my head, you know, the repetitious melody that makes stable people unlike myself go Looney Tunes?

I seriously find the whole Nyan Cat craze a very interesting piece of electronic-based sociology where one individual begins a useless campaign of absurdity and quite literally, the rest of the world not only joins in, but creates their own version within some generally unofficial collective boundaries to keep the whole “movement” intact. I realize that comparing this to something like the Dada or Fluxus art movements of the past might seem ridiculous, but it kind of resembles a similar pattern.  Boundaries are established but not concrete, people create work both individually and collectively and it grows from a single concept.  One big difference is time.

Art movements, when they used to exist, slowly evolved through time, since global travel and electronic communication did not exist, it took much longer than say a week or two.  We’re already months into the Nyan Cat movement and although it continues on in mighty force as you will see by the videos below, it is also susceptible to extinction at any time.  You probably think that I’m finding too much meaning in an animation of a cat with a pop tart body flying through the air making rainbow trails, but it can be more if you choose to see it that way.  I am the Internet curator. I am the Brooklyn Imbecile. Keep reading, my people.

Mexican Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat takes over downtown LA

Real life Nyan Cat

Star Trek Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat Man

Nyan Metal Cat

Ole timey Nyan Cat

Super Mario Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat on Soul Train

And finally, Nyan Cat fully explained by Molly



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Also, a teasure box of NSFW specials from BI

During the Silicon Valley boom of the 1990’s, there were tens of thousands of creative, crazy and sometimes pointless websites dedicated to one specific concept or design algorithm.  Do you remember Ben Benjamin‘s 1997 classicly strange, nonlinear and completely non-commercial website called “Superbad“? Man, those were the days… but these days, times are tough and so when I see site that is almost completely useless and yet beautiful, I have to give them a shout out.  If you’re like me, two things that never lose their awesomeness are Lazers and Tits. Enjoy. Maybe not at work, though.


I think the only reason Twitter exists is for whores to shamelessly self-promote themselves. Seriously, since I started my own Twitter account, I have been “followed” by dozens of people that I don’t know that have hyperlinks to fake dating websites that equate to the electronic version of the red light district.  I’d like to know how you found me, but more importantly, I want to know how stupid you think I am.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, just last week, a female friend told me she was getting the same shit. I’m going to guess that this type of spam is a huge and annoying problem already and probably deserves a special name that I will personally designate as Twatter, or Twattering: The indirect, mass marketing of your twat in 140 characters or less.

Where There’s Energy, There’s Google

Two interesting stories this week about energy and Google.  First off, Google Energy is now a legal utility company that will one day sell energy to you. They want to be carbon neutral and create their own energy and recent laws have changed that will allow companies to over-produce their energy and sell the surplus energy they don’t use.  (Full article from

Also, there’s a ton of buzz about a new way to use fuel cells to harness energy for home use.  It’s called a Bloom Box. It’s the size of your hand and can get you completely off the grid. Big companies in California have not only invested in this product, but they are already using them for their energy supply. But who was their very first customer? That’s right, the all-encompassing Google. Click here for the compelling 60 Minutes interview.

Shady URL

This is pretty god damn funny. We all know about Tiny URL, the free application that shortens the size of a web address, but now there’s the completely unnecessary application: Shady URL. Turn any address into something “suspicious and frightening”. As you can see, it turned my wordpress site into a link that is both sexually inappropriate and potentially illegal. Useful? No.  Funny? Yes.